A Spiritual Homecoming for LGBT People?

By Andrew Marin – December 22, 2017

Recent research reveals that 76 percent of LGBT people who have left the church are open to returning to their faith community.

According to statistics released by the Barna Group, only 9 percent of Americans are open to returning to faith and its practices after making a decision to leave their faith community. Yet recent findings from the Marin Foundation reveal that 76 percent of LGBT people are open to returning. This includes one-third of LGBT people raised in theologically conservative faith communities. Given the current state of the culture war, these two revelations are almost inconceivable.

This is not 76 percent of LGBT people maintaining a strong commitment to faith after leaving the faith community of their youth, or practicing a different faith, or joining a different faith tradition after leaving their original one.[i] It’s not a religious pilgrimage we’re talking about. This is a widespread desire for a religious homecoming.

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