Dr. Mike Rosebush: A Minister to Gay Christian Men

Mike’s Blog entitled “The Real Me”


In 1965, when I was 12 years old, American culture – even the world at large – only viewed “homosexuality” as a behavior. It was labeled as: a sinful behavior (“sodomite”); a deviant, kinky behavior that was illegal (accompanied by public shaming, jail, and entry onto the FBI list); a risk to society (resulting in loss of job and profession); and a mental disorder (worthy of shock therapy, castration, lobotomies, estrogen hormones, and other scientific experiments).

I knew none of that; I simply knew that when I entered my junior high school open shower (which was the only option for school athletes in those days), I immediately became aroused (and trying my hardest not to become too aroused) by the sight of my teammates’ nakedness. I had this out-of-nowhere, automatic desire to engage in sexual behavior with them [parenthetical aside: where on earth does a 12 year old, who knows absolutely nothing about “homosexuality,” suddenly develop that unending urge?] Each night, I would fantasize to completion about being sexual with certain attractive athletes. This daily event reoccurred throughout high school.

Strangely, I never thought of myself as a “homosexual” – since I resisted engaging in homosexual sex. I dismissed my daily ritual as something which I assumed every guy did, but no one would admit.

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