God’s Promise for the Disappointed

By: Steve Fuller (lead pastor of Grace Church Abu Dhabi and writes at Living by Faith) – desiringgod.org

Maybe you have longed for healing, for a job, for a baby, or for a wife. You have faithfully and earnestly prayed for weeks and months — even years. But you are still sick, still unemployed, still childless, or still single.

And you are disappointed. In fact, you are disappointed by God.

For many years my wife and I longed for pregnancy. We longed and prayed. And longed and prayed some more. Couples we knew got pregnant — but we did not. And we felt deep disappointment. But God’s word calls us to live by faith. And faith means trusting all that God promises to be for us in Christ Jesus.

So then, what does God promise when we are disappointed?

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