Homosexuality and the Church Leadership Crisis

By Bill Henson – June 17, 2017 – for churchleaders.com

Eugene Peterson, author of The Message, retracted his recent statements to Religion News Service in which he said that homosexuality “is not a right or wrong thing.” The 84-year old former Regent College professor clarified: “I affirm a biblical view of marriage: one man to one woman.”

Some are questioning the clarity of Peterson’s retraction, fearing he reversed course only to maintain book royalties for his estate. Whatever the case, it doesn’t change the rapidly growing trend of evangelical leaders shifting their biblical position on marriage and sexuality.

Homosexuality, an issue that has traditionally been preached against or avoided altogether, has become a senior leadership crisis. Some think this crisis is rooted in a powerful “gay agenda” changing social views—and even theological beliefs among Christians. After many years of working with those from the LGBT+ community, I have come to the conclusion that while concerning, these shifts are not the source, but the fruit of a different crisis that we have ignored for decades: The mistreatment of LGBT+ people.

To make matters worse, social media has accelerated this process and revealed a generational divide. When homosexuality comes up in conversation, people over 50 may think “sinful.” Those under 30 likely think “mistreatment of people” or “injustice.”

Many will ask, But the gay agenda has tremendous power—what injustice? Read the Article: https://churchleaders.com/pastors/306757-homosexuality-church-leadership-crisis.html