Is Homosexuality Worse Than Other Sins? 3 Reasons Why This Isn’t the Case

By Veronica Neffinger – May 10, 2017 –

Is homosexuality a sin, and if so, is it worse than other sins? These are questions our culture (and Christians in that culture) debate frequently. You probably won’t have to search long on social media or the internet to unearth such a debate. These debates often become fairly heated as well. Take, for example, the recent controversy surrounding Christian author and speaker Jen Hatmaker.

But is homosexuality truly worse than other sins as it often seems Christians make it out to be with the ample attention we give it?

This is the question a follower recently asked Pastor John Piper.

“Hello Pastor John!” writes in the listener, named Daniel. “Very often Christians point out the sin of homosexuality as a major problem in this country, while seemingly forgetting about the massive amounts of sinners addicted to other sinful patterns in life. Is homosexuality truly more detrimental to a society than other sins? How would you weigh the cultural impact of this sin against, say, the sins of pride and overeating and greed?”

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