At Wits’ End

A sermon by Coty Pinckney on Psalm 107. Community Bible Church, Williamstown, MA, 7/7/96

Are you at wits’ end? Not, you kids, at John Avery Whitaker’s “Whit’s End,” although you adults who have never listened to “Adventures in Odyssey” should do so. But, are you at your wits’ end: Where you don’t know what to do, when you’ve hit bottom, and you feel as if there is no way to get out of the mess you have made?

We sang this hymn this morning:

How firm a foundation ye saints of the Lord
Is laid for your faith in his excellent word
What more can he say than to you he has said
To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled.

In God’s word are found all the answers to the problems that face us when we are at our wits’ end. The Psalm we are going to look at this morning — Psalm 107 — is particularly written for people at their wits’ end. It is a Psalm of restoration, a psalm of hope, a psalm of testimony. As I stand up here, and as I was contemplating the words we were singing earlier, I was thinking, “I’m not telling these brothers and sisters anything they don’t already know.” And I remembered what Peter says at the beginning of his second letter, where he writes: “I shall always be ready to remind you of these things even though you already know them.” You have heard about the faithfulness of God, you have heard about his lovingkindness, you have heard of his mercy — I will remind you of all of those this morning. We need to be reminded, don’t we. We need to be reminded because Satan tries to tell us that these things are not true. But they are true — and we will proclaim them this morning.

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