Resisting the Idol of Sexuality

By  David Bennett – November 4, 2018

Excerpted From War of Loves By David Bennett

Living Out Now

Living as a celibate gay/SSA Christian has been a huge challenge. I have experienced disgruntlement, prejudice and social avoidance on both sides of our polarized culture and church. Many have accepted me, of course, but I always feel that, while I have never had a pink triangle pinned to my shirt like Brazda, the reality of my situation—choosing in obedience to Christ to be celibate—is something for which, for better or worse, I have often been judged in and outside the church.

It often seems, from my vantage point, that the gay rights movement isn’t always interested in the rights of all gay people but rather is interested in the rights of the majority who believe in same-sex marriage. If there were real diversity and concern for everyone within the gay community, there would be acceptance of those like me and the churches that agree with my choice to embrace celibacy.

When celibate gay Christians choose to share publicly in the church, we are bombarded from all sides. We are asked to justify and explain ourselves. The constant questioning and pressure is exhausting.

Most progressives reject celibacy as a good or default choice for those who are gay or have same-sex desire. They do not see it as a necessary step in discipleship. To them, being gay requires sexual expression or romantic relationships, and our inner nature is a better guide to how we should live than the revelation of Christ in Scripture.

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