Why Am I Disappointed In God?

Learn the roots of your disappointment in God, and what to do about it, with knowledge from Dave Hickman’s book, “Closer than Close”.

By Wesley Baines – beliefnet.com

The root of all disappointment lies in unmet expectation. It is the disconnect between what we believe will happen, and what actually happens, and because we live in a fallen world in which bad things often happen to good people, it is an emotion that many Christians have felt toward God.  Dave Hickman, in his book, “Closer than Close,” asserts that “Disappointment and anxiety settle in as we strive to draw close to a God who always seems out of reach.” Indeed, it often does feel like God is out of the reach of our mortal hands, an inaccessible king that we mere peasants can never see or touch. But quite the opposite is true. God is lovingly accessible to us, but, as Isaiah 55:8-9 says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways.” We must take care to understand that while it is normal for us to feel disappointed in God, at times, it is never deserved. It is in this understanding that we can answer the question of why we are disappointed in God, and overcome that disappointment.

Hickman, rather than describing those who have experienced disappointment with God and the church as fickle or unfaithful, compares them to a “wounded lover,” people who “longed to experience Jesus, but experienced rejection, instead.” These are people who sincerely want to know God, but experience barriers in growing close to Him. There are multitudes of Christians who feel this way. But why? Why would an all-knowing God leave us disappointed in Him? Why do bad things happen to us, even when we pray? Why don’t we feel as close to God as we wish to? Hickman, in his book, answers this question—we are not united with God. He writes that, after the fall from Eden, we experienced, “alienation from God’s spirit.” While we still maintain the free will God blessed us with, we are no longer fully united with Him—without that direct, guiding union, we can do harm to ourselves, and to one another. In our fallen world, nothing seems to work as it should.

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